Tuesday, November 01, 2011

An Anonymous Comment for you to Ponder

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Bruce Barraclough Eyewitness Account":

I can’t help but feel a bit frustrated by the reporters reactions in this encounter. Yeah…I know; how would I react etc. etc., BUT if we’re going to conduct meaningful field research we have to abide by a couple of imperatives. While these are opinions belonging to me and my associates, I hope that readers will trust that they are based on good information and valid experience, (All I can say at this point). The first imperative is: NO guns, or if they are taken afield they must remain totally invisible at all times(before leaving the trailhead to after the conclusion of the outing and complete exit from the habitat.), and only drawn in a true life and death scenario. But: your chances of being assaulted by sasquatch are much, much less than being attacked by a black bear. Sasquatch understand guns intimately, they look for them and are very distrustful of anyone carrying them. All high tech devices create distrust. The inclusion of a detectable firearm may escalate an encounter into a very aggressive response depending on the individual creature’s family history regarding firearms. The other absolute must is that field researchers refrain from using any night vision (starlight) night vision devices that utilize an infrared LED light source), or camera devices (camera traps) utilizing the same.

Very important is the idea that we should adopt an attitude of reverence…even sacredness for the sasquatche’s immediate environment. The same as if you were visiting a dignitary holding high office somewhere—high respect.

Leave tasty food gifts at every opportunity. Playing melodic guitar music around a campfire is a good thing, if you’re in the right place you’ll have an unseen audience. Ladies; while afield realize you are probably being admired secretly, and by all means, sing softly while hiking. (never alone though)

Be unobtrusive;
This means no, non-sense signaling, (you don’t know what it may inadvertently communicate), with wood knocking or imitation calls or even call blasting. Should you believe as many do that sasquatch is fooled by this kind of crap…think again!
I watched a few minutes of FB last night; until I started getting angry and sickened by the ignorance portrayed by the actors involved—I switched over to Spongebob reruns (makes much more sense). If they only realized how ignorant and unscientific they appear, they would all be hiding under rocks instead of stupidly throwing them in the woods. They do the creature a great disservice: what decent scientist would have anything to do with investigating the phenomenon for fear of even being associated television specials such as FB. It takes an incredibly dedicated scientist (a true scientist) to publicly acknowledge the probable existence of sasquatch.
If sasquatches have a sense of humor (and I’m pretty certain they do) they have to be laughing their big butts off! The common mistake all these yahoos make is assuming they are smarter than the creature. They consistently and severely underestimate their quarry. The sasquatch has a particular, innate, and as well, finely developed intelligence with which it perceives its environment. Again they understand our technology in an organic context and they are not fooled by camera traps (excepting a rare case involving inexperienced juveniles), fake, poorly imitated calls, whoops, or samurai chatter, woodknocking, and rock throwing, pheromone lures etc. etc. Any resident creatures within a particular territory know immediately when humans (and especially buffoons) enter. Actions by amateur field researchers have had the net effect of increasing the species knowledge and confidence of human behavior, which has possibly led to increased casual sightings. (Maybe a good thing)

Yeah…there’s a squatch in them woods—but you’ll never see him.


  1. sounds like Bigfoot came on the blog and
    posted it himself.
    another BF expert that knows everything and
    everybody else is just Morons.
    What ever gets you threw the day without having
    to wear your nice white coat with the extra long sleeves and the beautiful, shiny buckles on the back of it.
    Squatch on! your Squatchfullness!!!

  2. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Ok, ok, guess since this seems to have been written by ol Sas himself, when you comment back...make sure you've cleaned your backside and you have the Balls to leave your name! Because what gives you the right to try to 'instruct' anybody on this Beautiful Humanoid? Seriously, Id love to know, are you Squacth himself or GOD?? I by the way am a female!! I have had NUMEROUS encounters over the years, and yes, I do love the Great Outdoors and I do not feel the need to 'brag' OR tell anybody else how they should treat or hunt this Being, Life is for Living, and if anyone has to take this so seriously, then I feel bad for you. GOD has made each and every person on this Earth an INDIVIDUAL, so if Mr. Barraclough has had the blessing to have his very own encounter and he chose to share his experience with others, then he has that right, NO MATTER what you or ANYBODY else thinks! ONLY GOD WILL JUDGE!! And we are in America, Freedom of Speech! So you continue to do things your way, no problems there, Im sure Bruce will continue to do what works for him as well.
    P.S. Since I am a female and have no balls either...
    ANONYMOUS! (Hah!)
    But...Im not hard to find....

  3. I have had my blog closed to anonymous comments for a couple years because of certain individuals who would make cowardly personal attacks towards me. Yes, hard to believe but there are some folks who don't like me! :(

    I was asked to allow an anonymous comment because the individual insisted that it was crucial to his research.

    Keep it all above the belt and we'll be fine!

  4. Ok, enough said anyway, I myself have so called areas where I hunt, but as I do not own that land, I just dont say where if I am asked to do so, and in all the years Ive been out 'there', I was only asked once to keep the specific area private, but only because it was Federal trust lands in Oklahoma. So, Ive said what I wanted to say, I have no time for this 'Expert', I will continue to do as I please on my terms, and I hope Mr. Barraclough will do the same, for this is mainly a 'Hobby' and not a lifestyle. We all have real lives to live. And no reflection upon you Bigfoot Hunter, I love your page, thanks for letting me have my say. And since I for some reason cannot connect to my email accts...

  5. Just call me Sharon! lol ;)

  6. The rebuttal...
    Hello nice people;
    My sincerest apologies to all and any honest and forthright individuals offended…any derogatory sounding comments or attitude in the post are aimed solely at the people who have made all sasquatch research the object of hilarious opprobrium in the eyes of the public. These individuals and organizations do little to further the goal of getting these creature protected—in fact they have done the effort great harm..

    I don’t and never have considered myself an expert regarding the subject. How can anyone be an expert in regards to a creature we have yet to be able to study. Having said that; I know what I know, whether you like it or not.

    I posted anonymously because of agreements I have with benefactors and associates. Who by the way are upset with me for posting on anyone’s site. I did so because I would like to see more success. I fear that we are running out of time and that this creature’s viability as a species is quickly diminishing. I really don’t give a crap who proves its existence, only that it is proven…and soon.

    As Sharonlee aptly noted in the heading—the post, is intended and offered as something to “ponder” .

    The sasquatch community would do well to admit that current and past paradigms have been almost completely unsuccessful in establishing the existence of sasquatch as a species. Maybe a new paradigm is well overdue?

    Again; I wrote the post as an expression of my opinion. I steadfastly stand by the outlined positions and ‘time will tell’ as they say.

  7. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Totally agree with the author! Rather then investigate real cases that have multiple witnesses willing to speak about real cases, we are given thrill seeker fear mongering! Then it is left up to the viewer to decide with the piss poor evidence, fake calls , and knocks that can be replicated by anyone! I don't see these investigators going after the beast that killed the two teenagers at the Bostic National Park, Puzzle Creek! The two missing people, Matthew Mays,Cory Spangler! Both boys were by what multiple witnesses who saw the creature ( Swamp Ape ) or Bigfoot killing the boys, and carrying each of their bodies over its shoulders! This is a real true story being ignored by Matt Money Maker, and many Bigfoot Investigators, being hushed by the Feds and wildlife officials! They have kept it out of national news for almost 3 years, keeping its cold case file hidden from the greater public! The parents of these kids must really be loosing it, or have lost it!

  8. I've never heard that story! Tell me more!

  9. Here's a link to the BF killing the kids story... it's BS. Someone trying to promote a "Blair Witch" type video. Enjoy!!!


  10. A follow-up to the above referenced incident:
    I agree…BS to promote a “Bigfoot Attacks” Video by a production company named Nosycat Productions.
    I contacted the area's newspapers and no one had heard of any such incidents. From my experience whenever newspapers clippings are shown without bi-lines, credits and citations great skepticism is in order.

    In a similar instance though there are reports coming from the Inyo California, as told originally by Richard Grumley told in the late 1980’s regarding a supposed attack at the campground there sometime in the 1970’s. Many of you are aware of it I’m sure. It can be read at:

    The interesting thing is that I spent many months searching for more info regarding the supposed incident; Including filing all the necessary paperwork under the auspices of the FOIA , the Fed’s: (Freedom of Information Act). Short of travelling to Inyo, California I left no stone unturned. My specific FOIA application was for information of the incident on record with the U.S. Dept of the Interior and the California National Park Service. I after receiving written confirmation / acknowledgement of my outstanding request I never heard a thing. After 90 days or so I made telephone contact with the Park Services FOIA officer, who stated that the records for that timeframe for fatal accidents within the specified dates were no longer available to her and that I should try with the Dept. of the Interior; (which I had already done). After many attempts at reaching the right office I was finally connected with a Lillian Noland or Nueland, (spelling may be wrong), who seemed to be aware of the incident in question, but...told me quite frankly that the records for any such incident would not be available as they were in all likelihood “sealed” or otherwise not available. The wording and tone were such as to make me realize that there were records of the incident but that I was wasting my time searching for any such records. I pretty much gave up.
    Intuitively speaking I am very sure that there actually was something to the original report. The fact that individuals I questioned were so reticent in speaking about the possibility that “something odd” happened says much.
    A few weeks after my P/C I received another letter stating that If any record could be found it would take much research and that there were fees involved with more research (I don’t recall the specifics of how much, why, when or how.)

  11. I've read a few stories of Squatches killing people. Don't know how true they are. If they're true the government won't tell us... it's their way of protecting us. :) I do believe attacks and/or killings are always a possibility anywhere anytime you're out there Squatch'n. It's a risk I've been willing to take. This why I always tell people that want to get out in the woods hoping for a Squatch encounter "never go Squatch'n alone, always take someone along... someone you know you can out run". Happy Squatch'n!

    1. LOL, it's funny you say that lowrider, because I'm always looking to take someone I can outrun. So far, I've always had to go alone. I think they've figured me out.