Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finding Bigfoot in Ohio

Tims of a feather flock together....that's all I'm sayin 'bout that!

Tim Stover so humbly posted this on his Facebook page: "Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet wants to film me next Sunday for an interview and recreation of my 1992 sighting for a future episode. Wow I'm nervous ! Thanks to Natalie the field producer for the wonderful phone call!" He then receives a bunch of congratulations and encouragement from his fans and adds this sweet little comment, "Thanks. I'm a little nervous but people tell me I'm a natural in front of a camera or during my public appearances." So proud of our little Timmy!

Then his good buddy Fasano felt he needed to commend Stover for his hard work via his Youtube account.

On the other side of town, Joedy Cook is nursing his wounded ego because he is shocked and surprised that the Finding Bigfoot producers didn't respond to his numerous attempts to woo them with his charms. In his own words, (misspelled words and all) he laments: "i dont think there going to use me for the show. i'm the only bigfoot researcher in ohio thet written several books on the ohio bigfoot. i think i'm a threat to them becouse i know what i'm talking about. they ask to for information on saltfork state park sightings and bigfoot in ohio, so i sent info on my books and thats the last i heard from then oh well lol.

How DARE they do that to Joedy! Of course him and Stover represent Ohio's finest Bigfoot researchers!

Well, as Billy Green says, to be continued indeedy! I will be there tonight at the Town Hall meeting at Deerassic Park to get first hand information to share with you all!

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