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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mysterious Creature Captured by Hospital Workers in Maryland


  1. I live in Maryland and not far from Prince Georges County. This is similar to a few sightings throughout the state including one I had last summer near Baltimore in Pikesville. All have exceptionally long tails and mostly hairless. IMO, it is a another coyote-domestic canid cross breed....similar to the coyote-Mexican Wolf hybrids in the US south central plains.

  2. I have studied chupacabra somewhat, and this looks very much like a relative to these creatures...perhaps it is adapting to it's environment by eating the chicken?? They normally are blood-suckers from what I understand. Keep us posted via Twitter or Facebook...we, too want the knowledge and study of Sasquatch to grow, so we should help each other out by sharing our knowledge and experiences...keep us posted! Thanks...keep up the great work!!

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