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Lair of the Beasts: Proof of Bigfoot-By NIck Redfern

Lair of the Beasts: Proof of Bigfoot
Monstrous Problems

By Nick Redfern July 30, 2011

Bigfoot and Proof
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Just a few days ago I was lecturing in San Antonio, Texas on the subject of my most recent book, The Real Men in Black. Although the lecture was primarily UFO-based, after it was over one of the attendees came up to me and asked: “What will happen if we find Bigfoot?”

Well, I replied that it would be great news for those of that look for such things, as, finally, we would no longer be viewed as the crazies and whackos that many assume us to be!

Afterwards, however, I began to ponder deeper on that particular question. And, doing so raised a number of thought-provoking issues – granted, they’re all highly speculative but, in my mind, they’re worth considering.

Let’s say tomorrow – and in an admittedly incredible stroke of luck – someone out in the woods stumbles upon the newly-dead body of a Bigfoot. They call the police, the FBI, the media, maybe even the White House! And, within hours, the entire world finally knows the amazing truth: Bigfoot is real.

On the plus side, such an astonishing discovery might very well mean that mainstream science and conventional zoology would be prepared to accept the possibility that other “disputed creatures” – such as the beasts of Loch Ness, Scotland; the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas; Ogopogo; sea-serpents and more – also exist. And, that being so, perhaps this might result in funding from official bodies to assist in the search for such creatures. All of this would be very good news.

Proving the existence of Bigfoot might not be so profitable for everyone, however. What if, upon analysis of the corpse of the creature, Bigfoot is indeed shown to be an unknown type of ape, and a very rare one, too? Might that result in the location where the beast was found being declared “No Go” for most of us, due to the probable scarcity of the creatures?

Might we see whole swathes of forest and woodland indefinitely closed to the American public, all as a result of concerns that we are infringing upon the territory of unique creatures that the government decides to place on the endangered-species list?

Similarly, what about the logging industry? Could official legislation force the industry to suspend its work anywhere, and possibly everywhere, that Bigfoot creatures are seen or even rumored to live? That may be extremely good news for Bigfoot, but not for those significant numbers of people whose livelihood comes from chopping down trees.

Hell, the economy is in bad enough shape already without Bigfoot being responsible for causing additional job-losses!

There’s another scenario, too: let’s address the possibility that we don’t stumble upon the body of a Bigfoot. Instead, let’s hypothesize that a hunter – out in the woods, looking for deer – sees a Bigfoot in his gun-sights, fires, and slays the beast with one shot.

Doubtless, in his world - if in no-one else’s - Mr. Hunter would feel like a real man. And, no doubt, his mind would immediately be filled with images of seeing Bigfoot’s head mounted on his living-room wall. Yep, real macho, I don’t think. But, guess what: that pathetic creature (the hunter, I mean, not Bigfoot) might be in for a Sasquatch-sized surprise.

If, one day, we do secure a Bigfoot corpse, then an in-depth autopsy will be essential. But, can you imagine the uproar and controversy that will manifest if the Bigfoot entities are found - upon study – not to be unknown apes, but a primitive and ancient off-shoot of the Human Race? Rather than slaying a monster, has our hunter actually just committed cold-blooded murder? Could he be tried in court, sentenced, and even jailed? Probably not, due to the overwhelmingly bizarre, and certainly unique, circumstances involved.

However, it would likely be a given that from immediately thereafter laws would be laid down informing people that if you kill a Bigfoot you are technically taking the life of a fellow-human, albeit one distantly related to Homo Sapiens – but still a human, nevertheless. And, duly warned, you may find yourself prosecuted to the full extent of the law if you do choose to go ahead and bag a Bigfoot.

Of course, all of the above is strictly theoretical and is dependent on several things: that Bigfoot exist (Duh!), that they are flesh-and-blood beasts (rather than being paranormal, as some – including me – are inclined not to dismiss as a very real possibility), and that we actually are fortunate enough to find hard proof one of these days.

But if, one day, we do strike gold and secure such amazing evidence, there’s only one thing we can say with any degree of certainty: it’s going to be after Bigfoot is shot, stumbled upon, or discovered that we will see the really interesting – and possibly a few totally unanticipated – developments begin to surface…


  1. does this guy know about the Sierra shootings?

  2. I have interviewed Nick, I can't say that he knows about the Sierra shootings, but the guy does know more than any other bigfooter I've had the pleasure to talk and hunt with.