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Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Show Returns

I always seem to get antsy for Bigfoot in January.  I don't like the cold much and it just seems like the hairy ones like to lay low in the winter months.  So, why not revive the radio show?
My first guest will be Steven Streufert of Willow Creek.  Steven is the sole proprietor of Bigfoot Books in Willow Creek and I have had the chance to hang out with Steven in the past 2 years.

Steven was our guide who took us down the Go road to Bluff Creek on that hot August day.  He had to leave us before it got dark and the 5 of us spent the night in the dark until Bobo and Slasher showed up around 11 pm.

It is so amazing how people in this field of Bigfootery can bond so quickly.  We laughed all night, then came the fateful return up the mountain the next day...but you all know that story.

I met Steven again at the Oregon Sasquatch symposium and we spent a few hours relaxing and chatting during the breaks.
Slasher and Mike Esordi

I can honestly call Steven a friend and I hope you join our lively and sure to be animated conversation this Sunday at 7 pm EST.

See you there!

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