Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Other Knobby sightings

•21 Dec. 1978 Toluca, North Carolina Minnie Cook (88) Saw "Knobby" outside her house. Tracks found and screams heard in the area of Carpenter's Knob, and other sightings reported.

•Late Dec. 1978 Casar, North Carolina Sammy Price While working in backyard, heard high-pitched scream and saw 6-7-ft "tree" which started to walk.

•Late Dec. 1978 Casar, North Carolina Kay Price Day after previous sighting, heard scream and saw "Knobby" eating soybean crop in field.

•15 Jan. 1979 Casar, North Carolina Mrs. Kay Price, Gaye (18) & Wanda Smith Saw "Knobby" by road, Gaye went closer.

•Late spring 1979 South Mountain (located within 10 miles of Casar), North Carolina Fisherman Saw black shape run into undergrowth; next day shot at same creature...

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