Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bigfoot Has Arrived!

Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

In the past year there have been numerous sightings and reports coming out of this small area in western Pennsylvania. Too many to ignore.

The BFRO has reports dating from 1974 and the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society has been actively investigating reports from as recently as this past Friday night.

Eric Altman, the Director of The PA Bigfoot Society reports the following:

On April 22, 2010 at 3:00 am a man was awoke to the sound of his dogs barking outside. He also heard a woman screaming. He thought his neighbor was beating his wife. He looked out his bedroom window and saw what he thought was a large but skinny dog walking around in his yard. The creature stood up on two legs and walked into the woods behind his house and into an open farmers field. He described the creatures as skinny covered in black hair and could see the arms swing as it walked.

This is just the most recent report coming from this area. Eric has been keeping very busy with his investigations and has organized and outing to be held in western Pennsylvania at the end of April.

It is exciting to us who believe that these creatures do exist, mostly because the sightings and reports are coming from citizens who have never given a second thought about the viability of such a creature, and the events occur without warning or active pursuit. They weren't looking for a Bigfoot. They were simply going about their normal routine when Bigfoot found them!

More updates as they become available. Happy Squatching!

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