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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference Follow-Up

There are still places within the United States where time stands still.  Honobia, Oklahoma is one of them.

I arrived at DFW on Thursday afternoon and we proceeded to run a few errands while making our way north.  Before we knew it, darkness had fallen and city lights became few and far between.  About 15 miles from Honobia the GPS said we were there. Our cell phones had lost their signal miles before that.  Talk about feeling alone!

After a couple of wrong turns, we finally ended at our destination, Granny's Place, and settled in for the night.

The festivities were scheduled to begin at 9 am, so we headed out to Christ 40 Acres which was about 7 miles from our lodging.  There was a chill in the mountain air, the Kiamichi's creating a breathtaking post card-worthy backdrop.  I had an awesome breakfast burrito from a vendor, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the conference hall.

Kathy Strain, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Robert Swain had already set up their tables.  Troy Hudson and Arla Williams were running around taking care of last minute preparations.  A small crowd had begun to trickle in and Troy delayed the opening ceremonies for a few minutes to accommodate last minute stragglers.
Troy Hudson TBIG

Kathy Strain-
Kathy was the first speaker of the day after Troy's opening remarks, and her presentation was entertaining and apropos of the culture of Honobia.  Oklahoma still has a predominant Native American presence which was apparent by the attendees and members of The Bigfoot Investigative Group.  I find it interesting that  you would expect these Bigfoot Conferences to get boring or repetitive after awhile, but I have learned about and observed many different cultural differences from Oregon, California,.Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio.

Each location serving up another style of hospitality, and a different approach to sharing information on Sasquatch/Bigfoot research.

Pete Buffalohead

Following Kathy's presentation was Ponca tribe councilman, Pete Buffalohead.  Pete told stories that had been passed down for many generations about the Bigfoot and how prevalent and accepted they are to the Native American Indians.

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