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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Creature by Jan Klement

I read the book The Creature by Jan Klement this weekend. It only took about an hour to read, and I am sure many of you have read the book.

This story is a first hand account of a semi habituation of a bigfoot creature.

The author, Jan Klement (pseudonym), claims to be a professor at a university in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The story was fascinating, yet unbelievable at some points. The author also does not hide the fact that he is an alcoholic and has serious mental health issues. I'd bet that his ex-wife would agree with me on that.

I was giving the author the benefit of the doubt up until the part where he shoved the creature into the back of his station wagon and drove him 200 miles away, to protect him from hunters during deer season.

I did appreciate that he and the creature, who he named "Kong", would simply stare at each other for hours and that Kong seemed unaffected by things in the universe that trouble humans. As if the bigfoot was in nature much like the trees and the grass; just being.

I can't believe that as a scientist, he would not take Kong's dead body to a university to be "dissected", but that he would drive the dead body to a remote location and hack up his "best friend" with an axe. But then again, he is an alcoholic with obvious mental problems. (Sociopath?)

I did come away with a new perspective on bigfoot culture and I do believe that at least some of the incidents in the book are believable.

Last August, I got to visit with Autumn Williams and we had a great conversation on our way to the store. The experience that Jan Klement describes in his book, mirrors some events that Autumn has experienced herself.

It is becoming abundantly clear to me that when we "researchers" plan and attend our bigfoot hunting "expeditions", we aren't going to find squat.

These creatures have existed since the beginning of time and will be here on this planet long after we are gone.

We aren't trying to prove their existence to "protect them". That's a load of crap. They have always gotten along fine without our protection, and they always will.

I live in the suburbs and I can't hope that my weekend sorties will get me a glimpse of a creature, and I sure as heck know I am not going to have an ongoing "habituation situation" that I can experience first hand.

My only wish is that if someone is privileged to be in regular contact with one of these creatures, that they would share it with us on a factual, scientific level. If you present your information in book form, people will tear it apart and label it fiction.

I have often hypothesized that my interest in seeing a bigfoot creature is due to a mid-life crisis. I am in my 40's and perhaps the idea of seeing a bigfoot is the equivalent of looking for something that is missing from my life...something larger than life...the unknown. To me this could be the difference between those who have actually seen a bigfoot, and those who tramp through the forests every weekend hoping to catch a glimpse of one.

There are those who know without a doubt that the creature exists, and those who can only hope and fantasize that someday, they will be fortunate enough to find out for themselves.

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  1. I've come to feel over the last half a year that the best protection for Squatches is that they remain an undiscovered, unknown species to whatever they would be classified. It's best that the people that insist they cannot exist stay that way and keep the government out of making laws giving them so called protection. Let them roam free like they are.