Friday, January 08, 2010

Possible Sasquatch recorded on iMax production of Great North

Thanks to my friend Joe Biello for sending this on to me.

The documentary titled Great North is an iMax production and the cinematography is beautifully breathtaking!

It is my understanding that this video was filmed over 9 years ago and just recently, somebody with a very good eye caught what could be a Sasquatch at the 9 minute 20 second mark.

The caribou herd is in the river and as they cross the river you will see a very black, large, swift, human-like figure dart a few feet in the field then hunker down...

Great North

You can read Matt Moneymaker's theory at the BFRO website

Let me know what you think!


  1. It surely looks humanoid, though too far from the camera to say exactly what it is. While I would love it to be a Sasquatch,I think it is more likely to be part of the film crew,or a native assisting the film crew. Possibly gently herding or coaxing the Caribou in the direction of the Camera. A "Blooper" ? Or it's a Squatch :)Either way ,it's an awesome film.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Joisey Gene

  2. What gets me is the overall color of the thing...I mean, it is all black. I have a green winter coat and i wear a cammo pattern hat when I go out in the woods or the cold.

    ThI like your idea though of someone "herding" the caribou, but that could be extremely dangerous if they decided to stampede in his direction!

  3. I watched it again, and when the "uho" (unidentified humanoid object) rises and starts running, he is kind of lumbering side to side and very quickly!