Friday, January 01, 2010

Book Review-Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual

January 1, 2010. How appropriate that I should start the new year by reading the book, Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual by Robert W. Morgan.

It has been a steady 25 degrees all day long. The boys are in the tv room playing Madden 2010 leaving me to entertain myself.

I built a cozy fire and decided that it was the perfect time to read one of my many bigfoot books. In the past year, I have read halfway through many bigfoot related books while in flight to destinations around the United States.

The book is small in size and short in length, a mere 136 pages.

As I began reading about Robert's peaceful and considerate approach, I realized that individuals who go on "expeditions" are doing everything they can to NOT have an encounter.

The chapter titled "Where to begin" offers brilliant tips on how to choose a research area and how to create detailed, legible maps of your area.

Robert provides a bit of hypothetical insight as to what a bigfoot might be thinking and feeling when you enter into his woodsy home. I can appreciate his thoughts as to why rock throwing occurs!

The book was very easy to read and understand and when I finished, I felt like I needed to go back out into the woods sometime soon!

I suggest that any new researcher, or even an established researcher who is not having positive results, obtain a copy of this book and open their mind to a different, more thoughtful approach.

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  1. Sharon,your review was very honest and fair.Morgan is a good read and has his own unique way of approach and conveying his methods. I enjoyed and still refer to his cassette audio tape when I feel like checking out 'Bob's methods'. His front cover illustration strongly resembles my witness-related sketch of a sighting this late summer along Chestnut Ridge,Fayette Co.,PA,near Jumonville. As I began drawing what our (PBS) witness described seeing,I immediately began to formulate the image of Robert's front cover design. The gene-pool must run strong and deep into So.Western PA was my afterthought! Continue your work. I like that you like what vodoo you do. Dave Drag